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Venice Beach/Santa Monica Main St.
The Venice Beach/Santa Monica Barcycle starts on the edge of Venice and Santa Monica and may span anywhere from Windward circle, Washington Blvd, Abbot Kinney, Main St, Ocean Avenue, and possibly a couple of beach destinations.

You can't make all of those stops...but your route will be determined the day of your tour before you take out. Because of unforeseen circumstances (aka late arrivals), traffic considerations, and special events...we are unable to provide you with a planned route prior to your tour.

Possible stops along the Venice Beach/Santa Monica route can include O'Briens Pub, Finn McCool's, The Anchor, The Brig, Cabo Cantina, The Whaler among others! You will usually make 2-3 stops along the tour.

Venice Beach Only-   This starts right at Windward and Pacific and may go along Abbot Kinney, Washington, or Main St.

Possible stops along the Venice Beach Only route can include Bank of Venice, Venice Alehouse, The Anchor in Venice, Cabo Cantina and a few others!

This Barcycle is for those who want to take a nice slow pace and hang out with their friends and family...or complete strangers!!

You will make a couple of stops along the tour, however, this Barcycle will not venture into Santa Monica.

South Bay-   This starts right at Hermosa Pier, with the group meeting at Hennesseys on Hermosa Pier.

Your group will pedal down to Redondo Marina and can potentially stop into Najas, King Harbor, or one of the other cool, little hidden spots on the Marina.

On the way back, you can also stop at the Hermosa Beach Yacht Club (HBYC)--no dress code required!

The tour will then return to Hermosa Pier, where your choices of places to land are endless.