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Rent the Beach Barcycle for your next party in Santa Monica and Venice Beach!!  Your party can soak up the sun while cruisin' along and pedaling from Southern California's favorite beach towns.

Don’t have a whole group of 16 to share the Barcycle with? No problem! We run tours that match the first 16 to sign up, just visit our Book Now page.

For more information email us at
The Barcycle looks like a bar but moves with good old fashioned pedal power….. like a bicycle. The Barcycle brings together all things California: Sun, activity, being social, environmental responsibility, and of course…fun!

An average tour lasts two hours (with at least 3 stops) or you can customize a longer tour.  The Barcycle is completely green; it moves through human power and has lights and tunes powered through a solar panel. The only energy used is by the riders….through physical activity!

Get Geared up for a Party on Pedals!